What is there in a Theme?


A short post:

It’s like a maniac that I have been changing themes of this blog transgressing from one to another aimed at tracing the one that satiates me in full measure in its getup and and an overall appeal causing a requisite appetite for writings and so on. I wish the frenzy stops now b’fore WordPress team loses their patience. They have been amply accommodating my choice with an open heart till now and hopefully it continues for the days yonder from now. A theme, to my mind, is a source of inspiration like a belle from the crowd with a silky smile studded on me. All the best to myself to successfully combat my growing temptation for newly built up digging up novice ventures.


Embarking to the new Theme virtually my first one on this blog:


I have already scribbled about half a dozen+ posts after I switched over to this blog ETERNITY in the first week of the last month with entirely a novel frame and modules provided by the WORDPRESS, a giant sized entity in the field. Great toughies and hard task masters as they are, every thing they do springs up to a level that is superb and so are the blogs and web sites they produce and manage with the excellent service rendered by their team to the customers. Their business conduct is a matter of envy for many in the class. They every inch deserve to be applauded sumptuously and I too as one at the receiving end join their admirers whole heartedly.

What drives me to get engrossed in the jumbo job of acting as a free lancer journalist is a mission directed to the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden with priority to workforce, mainly workforce belonging to Banking industry and those unjudiciously victimised by their employers. My experience of serving them as their head for the last several decades in India and abroad coupled with being Director in the Central Board of State Bank of India for several years is of an advantage to me in pursuing the cause of service to the aggrieved ones in different sectors. Pen is mightier than the sword is the saying and writings/blogging are solemnly adhered to by me as tools to lead me to the pinnacles of achievement serving the masses as a cause, as a mission.

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Interaction with the readers:

Short Post:

The strength of any writer including the bloggers lies in the hands of the readers, followers and well wishers but for which nothing moves on meaningful lines and the very purpose, howsoever best and noble is the missionary zeal on the part of the author, flops. This short post is especially addressed to them seeking their sympathy and cooperation in the same measure as they did in paying their attention to this blog’s predecessor uppermost.me (Avenues) which proved to be a record success. Since this blog is drawn up entirely on a different footing and purpose, all my readers, viewers and other sympathisers are required to refresh their FOLLOW and FOLLOW VIA EMAIL buttons as soon as possible for them. Both these buttons are available as widgets on the right hand side of the blog including this very post. My greeting and good wishes to all of them with love and affection.