On Yoga

Right from the early days of Vedic era Yoga has been practiced in India and almost every where in the world not only as a ritual but a sacred pursuit. In the current era it has gained much more of a momentum and thanks to Swami Ramdeo who has broadened the very spectrum of it in great dimensions all around the globe. The problem that is reported every now and then is that in several cases it yieldedd no desired results, rather there are informations that many a people fell sick after resorting to this therapy. This is a fallacy on the part of the people concerned that they don’t view it in a correct perspective. Any exercise in the  matter is actually to be done in a disciplined order and if there are digressions the results are bound to be just in the reverse order. This should be better if the practitioners first undersand the Yoga norms with a discipline before they opt for this practice. An elaborate version of such an advice follows separately as a specific post or page. 

A separate post on the topic follows shortly including Suyog Aasan that emerged as my own efforts, the one which is much more useful and result oriented and is sans any tense body posture. Hopefully this may amply suit many a pursuers of this ancient therapy.