On Yoga

Right from the early days of Vedic era Yoga has been practiced in India and almost every where in the world not only as a ritual but a sacred pursuit. In the current era it has gained much more of a momentum and thanks to Swami Ramdeo who has broadened the very spectrum of it in great dimensions all around the globe. The problem that is reported every now and then is that in several cases it yieldedd no desired results, rather there are informations that many a people fell sick after resorting to this therapy. This is a fallacy on the part of the people concerned that they don’t view it in a correct perspective. Any exercise in the  matter is actually to be done in a disciplined order and if there are digressions the results are bound to be just in the reverse order. This should be better if the practitioners first undersand the Yoga norms with a discipline before they opt for this practice. An elaborate version of such an advice follows separately as a specific post or page. 

A separate post on the topic follows shortly including Suyog Aasan that emerged as my own efforts, the one which is much more useful and result oriented and is sans any tense body posture. Hopefully this may amply suit many a pursuers of this ancient therapy.


SBI–An indiscriminate fury let lose by them:

Let us talk of ‘bhookh insaan ko Ghaddar bana deti hai’….., the famous lines of Gopal Das ‘Neeraj’, the renowned poet of the modern era to trace the most intensive pangs of miseries certain blocks of people are tortuously undergoing in our country India –they very much include the ones being the families belonging to the deceased employees from State Bank of India ruthlessly denied as they are the benefit of compassion based appointment in the Bank. The sad irony is that it is quite happening under the very nose of the current incumbent-in-charge as the Chairman of the Bank Arundhati Bhattacharya who happens to be a woman, a woman traditionally applauded for her compassion and kindness in the country since ages. Compassion and kindness, it is said, springs up from their very heart.

Provision of such appointments is very much there called compassionate Appointment Scheme. In practical terms such an informal provision dates back to the days when this Bank was known as Bank of Bengal, one of the three Presidency Banks under the then British rule. It’s history and I need no indepth digging to justify my say. As on date the provisions for such appointments do exist as re-endorsed by the Government of India years back but the Bank has opted for a negative twist to the sheer setback to the members of deceased employee’s family and the relative requests for compassion based appointments are outrightly turned down on a printed proforma always kept handy as a cruel ritual. There is none to bother even the least to honestly peruse the merit part of the individual case with the result that the bereaved family members are forced to starve hankering for some source of sustentation.

By and large several of the management wings suffer from a negative propensity of relishing the plight of their subordinates along with their families irrespective of any reason or rhyme. Possibly a massive revolt is the only answer to such a barbarism.


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Embarking to the new Theme virtually my first one on this blog:


I have already scribbled about half a dozen+ posts after I switched over to this blog ETERNITY in the first week of the last month with entirely a novel frame and modules provided by the WORDPRESS, a giant sized entity in the field. Great toughies and hard task masters as they are, every thing they do springs up to a level that is superb and so are the blogs and web sites they produce and manage with the excellent service rendered by their team to the customers. Their business conduct is a matter of envy for many in the class. They every inch deserve to be applauded sumptuously and I too as one at the receiving end join their admirers whole heartedly.

What drives me to get engrossed in the jumbo job of acting as a free lancer journalist is a mission directed to the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden with priority to workforce, mainly workforce belonging to Banking industry and those unjudiciously victimised by their employers. My experience of serving them as their head for the last several decades in India and abroad coupled with being Director in the Central Board of State Bank of India for several years is of an advantage to me in pursuing the cause of service to the aggrieved ones in different sectors. Pen is mightier than the sword is the saying and writings/blogging are solemnly adhered to by me as tools to lead me to the pinnacles of achievement serving the masses as a cause, as a mission.

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