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I do feel sorry once again on the havoc so caused on my post PENSION ISSUES _NEWS FLASH quoting KR Saini containing information on the latest court case. The shape in which it reached my beloved readers was an obliterated one, rather the  major area remaining blank. I had to correct the folly by sending the very original URL to the receipants. This was actually the lapse on the part of the host, WordPress mechanism.To remedy the recurrence of such an eventuality onwards, I had to drastically redesign the whole blog removing very many snags responsible for the mishap besides taking up the matter with the WordPress itself. I request all of you to go through the very Page styled as above and ignore the mock sort of the blank paper(s) erroneously sent earlier. I have also made a note to be doubly cautious before further blog posts are released both on Avenues (uppermost.me) and also Eternity (meneelkanth.blog) to avoid any awkward situation for my esteemed readers, well wishers and the retirees in general. This message by way of a Page is being sent to you as from Avenues and not Eternity to ensure that it does reach you. Please share it with other enthusiasts. Please take care to see the top of the blog to get to this Page instead of body text. My thanks to all of you for bearing with me.

PS:Sorry, The host doesn’t agree, hence the post is sent to you as it is directly through Eternity.