Had I the wings of a dove!

Image result for had i the wings of a doveI envy the doves flying in the sky, more so beneath the clouds and feel like crying “Had I the wings of a dove”


2 thoughts on “Had I the wings of a dove!

  1. Ever since the human breed started inhabiting our beautiful planet, attributes like envy, love, jealousy, hatred, compassion and so on became part of his persona. These attributes have made positive as well as negative imprints on him. Many a feats the mankind has achieved, have been possible due to pressing impulse of these attributes. The substance of the line which has probably been derived from Biblical reference is quite beautiful and charming. Sanatan scriptures have compared the parting of the Atman from the body mass with the flight of birds who fly away far and far once getting free from the cage. A fascinating description. Regards.


    • Nice. In fact the lines quoted by me are from ‘Solitude of Alexander Silkerk'(sick) and there is no reference to Bible. May be I am able to share with you the interesting background of the story later in the blog itself. Let me see. I would prefer that there is an exclusive post besides your comments publishable as from you as an independent article. I am sure this would interest the readers and the viewers; I shall wait for it.


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