Whither Ram Rajya?

Bhartiya Janta Party or Jan Sangh before that never get Ram Rajya | Ashwini kumar's blog

tired of repeating Ram Rajya as an ideal most role model in the matters of governance but what does it mean when a comparison is drawn to what is happening in the State of Uttar Pradesh –no security, no Law and nothing like safety on all fronts. Broad day light repes with rapists most active all around are the order of the day with loot and murders in a spree are awefully rampant. Power cuts are as rampant as cows and buffalows running free in the roads and streets often causing jams and obstacles/ obstacles amidst the roads and the streets. For power cuts there is nothing regulated and this moment the light is there but for the very next moment it is as uncertain as any thing. It’s just a hoax.


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