Exgratia intrusions on my blogs by way of ads:

My Blog meneelkanth.blog (Eternity) is ad friendly and the parity could well be drawn to the other blog of mine uppermost.me (Avenues). I have not yet launched any massive drive to promote ads on my sites but, as I came across, there are ads pouring in and published sans my knowledge and the list of which includes giant organisations like Microsoft and WordPress. If it was for the sake of courtesy I deserve to have been taken in to confidence. Any way I ignore these intrusions as both of them have all along been quite friendly to me in my dealings with them. I look forward to them and also others to be generous enough now onwards as patronisers to my blogs with considerations sans an encroachment. My cordial thanks.




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It so happens that you try and try incessantly but the issue lurking in your mind doesn’t elicit an outcome leading you to miserably frustrate landing no where. Though he said it in the context of a love triangle, it holds good as a remedy in all the varied directions. What he said, rather prescribed, was >

Woh afsaana jisey anjaam tak lana na ho mumkin

Usey ek khoobsoorat more dekar chhorna achha.


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