Democracy–a La Belle damn sans mercy:

Some one in Kolkata said the other day “…democracy consists of a pack of fools” but that appears to be too much of an exaggeration and it is not correct, they are otherwise supposed to be the wise people lured by democracy charms just on their face value and that is how India became a fully autonomous body with a fully democratic reforms. We became a free country without any extraneous intervention as it looked on the surface. Now that we have been a free nation for the last seven decades and aerial view of the overall situation viewed with an unprejudiced mind in a total perspective speaks volumes of an anarchy, chaos,free styled rapes and lootings in the broad day light and a terribly dwindled law and order scenario confronting the people. We have, it is proclaimed, freedom of speech but this can’t go beyond whispers and between you and me failing which the gangsters from the political parties, more so the ruling party, would pounce upon you and ill treat with a hoarse caution that if they go ahead talking ill of the government it would be disastrous for them. The top bosses in the government are quick in showering salary increase and lot of other benefits to their choice circles in different circles measured in terms of their vote bank status. Nothing like any curb on soaring prices, even if sky is the limit they have already gone much beyond that. Total social level has collapsed to a nullity, rather negative and minus. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an ineffectual angel fluttering its wings in vain and the law and order situation of the country stands deteriorated to the level of sinking and even a dozen of him would be incapable of saving the drowning ship.Nothing like any SOS in sight.


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