Re:  SLP in the matter of 100 per cent DA case in Supreme Court of India on 26.07.2017
The above SLP of United Bank came for hearing on 26.07.2017 before the honourable bench of the Justice Adarsh Goyal and Justice U. Lalit.
2. The arguments were initiated by the petitioner ( United Bank) advocate Shri Dhruv Mehta ( Mittter & Mitter Co.) who submitted  that the matter is identical to the case already decided by division bench of Madras High Court and subsequently confirmed by the same honourable bench in the Supreme Court dismissing SLP of the retirees. Therefor this SLP should also be disposed of accordingly.
3. Thereafter , immediately AIBRF Senior Council, Shri V.K.Bali ( Former Chief Justice of Kerala High Court & Ex- Chairman, CAT) raised the objection and pointed out that the judgement of Kolkata High Court is entirely on different grounds. He further requested the bench to allow him time for placing all relevant facts before the court for its kind consideration The court agreed for it and allowed him time to place the detailed arguments on the next date of hearing fixed on 1st August, 2017 for this purpose..
4. We may inform that AIBRF central office has already constituted special team consisting of the General Secretay, Shri S.C.Jain , Deputy General Secretary, Shri Debesh Bhattachrya , Deputy General Secretary, Shri A.K.Bansal, Organising Secretary, Shri Suresh Sharma and Shri Devender Singh ( Retiree of BOI) to liaison, monitor , provide required documents/information ,formulate strategy and hold periodical meetings with the senior council and his secretariat from time to time, for effective handling considering the importance of the case for large number of membership. This committee is functioning since April, 2017.
The above is the texual version of what transpired in the Court as advised to me by KR Saini on date. What happened is a ritualistic mode of dealings normally in any court without any thing substantive but the very positive angle of the development is that the cycle of cent percent dearness allowance merger is gaining some tangible grounds and let the beneficiary lot nurture some fruitful outcome as highlighted by the General Secretary of AIBRF who are all trying their best in the matter. Whatever are the consequential outcome shall be communicated to the readers in the News Column of this blog whenever I am able to procure the relative informations.
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