SBI -Crucial scenario ahead:

Image result for sbi logoRich in resources and a sound historical background dating back to East India Company days in India is a top banker with highest number of branches in the country and abroad. From workforce point of view too it is counted as the biggest one. With English management totally at the initial stage it is now being managed by the Indians only with hardly a few exceptions here and there travelling the distance via Imperial Bank of India to pinnacle that is its status presently with a woman, Arundhati Bhattacharya, occupying the top position as a Chairperson striving her best to elicit laurels for further growth of the Bank like it flourished during the days of say R.K. Talwar as the then Chairman, the first one chosen for the prestigious appointment as from the ranks as against the Government’s preference till then for deputing the people for this post from outside. Workforce is basically the backbone of any service organisation and so applies to State Bank of India where they are neglected and there is hardly any instance where their demands are acceded to, pension issues and compassion based appointments being the glaring examples.¬† Some of the Associate Banks were merged with State Bank on a selected basis in the past after examining their merit on an individual footing and the remaining ones are since taken to the fold of SBI in a lot to accommodate the powers that be as a sheer political considerations. The move is bound to render a heavy jolt to the balance sheet of State Bank in a negative direction. The major recognised unions working in different circles of the Bank all over the country under the banner of ALL INDIA ¬†STATE BANK OF INDIA STAFF FEDERATION are likely to suffer a set back as a result of the merger as the majority of the workforce in different associate banks belongs to the All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA), politically a communist forum and they are a well built trade union organisation quite capable of asserting effectively for retaining their existing membership in different Associate Banks since merged with State Bank. This can be much greater a menace to All India State Bank of India Staff Federation who are already laden with many of the problems on existing front pending with their management where the Government of India is directly involved. This could be much bigger a tussle. SBI management already has it in their schedule to cut the staff strength to the extent of their 10% latest by the next year end on the face of the situation that there is already a big cry in almost all the branches of the Bank on staff shortage. All this viewed in totality, the very scenario in the offing speaks of a gloomy picture for SBI.




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