How tortuous is the task of blogging?


Writing is a sort of a trifling job and that it can be taken up just so feasibly is how many a people think. The fact is just so contrary to this. A writer’s job is in fact so tedious. More difficult is the task of blogging as it has an arena of vast formalities to get adhered to.Currently I am having a dozen blogs to be meticulously adhered to. I feel like counselling my people, particularly the followers, never to go for much bigger the number of blogs, what should better be followed is to limit the number of the blogs or the website (s) to the extent of the one can feasibly manage. I too am deciding to suitably reduce the number of different blogs and websites. This one being a blog I have ventured to select is likely to fall in this line of thinking. Both writing and reading are the ones requiring the person concerned to get involved in a meaningful study as a matter of home work before the task is undertaken and this is essential if one is faithfully honest to what he/she writes. I started this blog a fortnight back and I am still at a trial stage only and not at all able to resort to the requisite concentration doing justice to the readers and also the viewers. The picture shown above is as from the Windows as an ad.


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