Switch over to a bigger spectrum:

This blog of mine is a successor to its predecessor one UPPERMOST.ME of ‘Avenues’ and is titled as MENEELKANTH.WORDPRESS.COM under the head ”Eternity”. It gives a wider choice to go for a theme of subjects including paid ads and may serve a better purpose for my beloved readers. The very theme and design of the blog as sponsored by Wordress is a robust one capable of impressively heralding the voice of the common people especially the workers in banks and other organisations. I do owe sumptuous thanks to WordPress for their help and cooperation but for which this transition was not possible. Though much costly, the investment is quite worth it read in the context of the purpose of a freelancer journalist like me and the very readership I have all along been serving. My strength lies with my people in the field and I take them as my shield and buckler in all eventualities. The neo modalities are yet to be worked out on which task I have to arduously harness myself and my team to serve the people and the society with a will and the commitment.


10 thoughts on “Switch over to a bigger spectrum:

  1. Avenues being the predecessor to meneelkanth.blog, it is de facto an integral accessory to the new blog with its powerfu legacy in the background. I wish that the new blog successfully inherits the qualitative profile connected with AVENUES. I also wish that it continues adding strength to me to secure necessary capability to take meneelkanth.blog to bigger avenues in serving the people.


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