The journey goes on:

Since times immemorial with the first solitary man on earth Manu, the world continues unbriddled chasing its destination indefatigably -this is how it happened in the past, this is how it would happen to-morrow and this very sequence has to go on as an eternal phenomenon, no body knows how long? Humans can’t afford any ifs and buts and they have but to compromise with the Laws of the Nature without any sort of resistance. Comparably survival of the fittest is the theory that pervades to some extent but that is the one factor converting the whole world into a battle field. All are fighting and fighting to get crumbled into dust ultimately realising that humans are nothing more than hovering bubbles in a river. Humans are but to offer an obeisance to ETERNITY, the immanent will.


One thought on “The journey goes on:

  1. Effectively boys,? Mommy ⅼastly mentiomed after theyd gіve you lots of silly idewas of whɑt God
    dіd for enjoyable, ?What God actually likes is when folks love each other and mintain eaϲh other like we
    do in our family.? That made sense to Leee and Larry sso Lee hugged
    Mommy and Larry hᥙgged dadԀy to just make God happy.


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